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Name:Hawke Starfyr
Birthdate:Oct 31
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Hawke is the son of Arista and is under Shai's instruction at Earth Mountain.

Personality: Hawke is an 21 year old male who has adopted Faunlyn ways. He does know human language, but he does speak with a 'Mountain' accent and his reading capability is limited to a third grade level and both are considered a second language for him. He is quiet, extremely insightful, and does his best to learn about the whole of a situation before making a decision. Though prone to his own fits of excitability and teenage rebellion, he is more of an adult than most teenagers his age. He will 'read' someone's body language in order to learn what they are really communicating and bring that to light. Brutally honest to a fault, Hawke is not bound by prejudice, jealousy, or shame. He holds no shame in his body, and will be one most likely to strip out of 'confining, evil clothes.' Hawke has also been brought up in a society that has no fear of sex, nor taboos in regards to it. He will be very touchy feel-y to people he trusts, and will try to comfort someone by any means possible.

He will be as kind and helpful and courtious as he needs to be. He is also very protective of his friends and family and will not hesitate to jump to their defense if needed. Though Hawke does have patience, he can be angered, and when he is defensive or upset, he looks more like an animal than a man. He does not like to sleep alone, preferring to sleep with a close knit group of friends and lovers. However, since he does visit his birth family, he is able to sleep alone. To those he trusts and considers friends and family, Hawke will readily show his affection to them, but to those people uncertain of his ways, he will restrain himself.

Background: From the time he was 8 years old, Hawke has lived with the Faunlyn. When he was a toddler, his mother asked a Faunlyn by the name of Shai to teach him how to control his powers. Over time, he learned the history, language, customs, and magic of this secretive people and became a member of their family. In the Mountain, he is treated equally and as an adult in the mountain. He rarely wears anything that would be considered 'normal' by human standards and prefers a sarong type of cloth to wear around his waist. When weather is exceptionally cold, he does wear something more like other humans, but detests such things if he doesn't need to wear them (Like pants and shirts.)

Present Home World:Atlean is a world concentrated heavily in magic. Nearly everyone can learn magic, and magic is extremely substantial. One can conjure an apple from thin air, eat it, and feel full afterward. The land to water ratio is about 50:50, with the most heavily populated areas by sea ports and green lands. There was once an ocean continent called Oceania, where city islands were once covered by magical domes and served as a battery for the world's magic. That city was destroyed by a cataclysmic event, destroying all thirteen cities. It has been fabled that a few of those cities became legend of Earth: Atlantis, Lumeria, Mu, and the Garden of Eden. This has hampered magic in Atlean, but not so much that it is inaccessible. The most noticeable different is that the wave of magic that sits over the ocean areas have diminished. This wave looks much like the Northern Lights and resides in a 20 foot band about 40 feet over the ocean. The wave causes extreme turbulence, and only those creatures with large mass and a great flying skill can accomplish navigating this area. Humans on gliders have known to perish attempting to fly there.

The areas that hold the greatest historical significance are three areas. A mountain range to the north called Dragon's Spine, the desert area immediately to the south that's divided up into two areas (Four Winds and the Wastelands), the human city to the east of that called Arrill and the Earth mountain to the west of Four Winds, opposite of where Arrill is.

A small cluster of dragons reside in the Spine. They are considered the Circle, and the government of the species. These dragons can transform into a human avatar as needed an dwell with humans, helping or hindering as they see fit. Not all dragons can transform, but it is known that any one in the Circle can transform. The current leader is a red-gold dragon by the name of Guylan. He and a silver tend to visit Arrill often to work with the human government.

The people of Arrill are mostly scholars and wizards drawn to the dragon interaction and the wealth of knowledge in the national library. There is little technology on Atlean itself, with the capabilities in terms of machinery similar to shows such as Hercules and Xena. There are no motor cars, flying machines short of gliders, or running water beyond pumps. Most of the humans additional needs are met by magic, and magic tends to be a highly desired commodity. Men want to gather all knowledge of magic they can in order to control their environment. It's because of this thirst for knowledge that they once hunted the Faunlyn, intent on to destroy what they considered a threat. The leader of the humans, the Dragon Prince, declared war on the Faunlyn.

Faunlyn were nearly wiped out because of the Dragon Prince's thirst for power. These peaceful people did all they could to defend their homes, yet they were not known for strategics and were slaughtered at their other mountain homes. Earth mountain is one of the few surviving settlements. They use their own magic to keep their home hidden and protected from possible intruders, though in present day, only a handful of humans know that Faunlyn still exist. They are a self sufficient people who remain in the safety of their mountains and the immediate surrounding areas, having no desire to seek contact from human or dragon.

The only reason why a few humans know of the Faunlyn was because in a previous life, they lived with them and became a part of their family as Hawke did in present day.

Hawke currently lives in the world Atlean. This world is thought to be the origin of Atlantis, Mu and Lumeria, fabled ancient lands on Earth that are no more. On this world, there are four major species of intelligent life. Dragon, Unicorn, Human and Faunlyn. Faunlyn are the longest lived out of the four (looking very much like the Faun in Pan's Labyrinth, only with long, prehensile tales) and the most secretive. Unicorns also keep to themselves and avoid all contact with others. Dragons and Humans tend to co-exist with each other, sharing magic and knowledge together. A long time ago, the thought that Faunlyn had great magic in their scales and horns drove the humans to hunt this gentle people almost to extinction. Now they reside in the mountains they call home, preferring that humans and dragon alike believe that they are a dead species.

In present time, the most well know human city is Arill. This is the hub of their magical knowledge and where humans and dragons co-exist. Unicorns reside as far away from them as possible, and the mountain where Faunlyn live sits in the center of an ancient forest. The Mountain, where Hawke lives, is more of a giant, hollowed out cavern, filled with tunnels and rooms, even an underground river and springs. The Faunlyn know very few humans, and the current group they are familiar with they have known in a previous carnation millennia ago. Because of this connection, Hawke has been able to live there, become a part of their family and learn their secrets and magic.

Magical Ability: Bloodspeaking (under construction)

During the time Hawke has spent in the mountains, Shai has taught him the ancient magic of Blood Speaking. This magic allows not only the wielder to control his blood, but the blood of others as well. The most powerful Blood Speakers can use the blood of others to control them, kill them with a very small wound or keep them alive if they are badly injured. Since Hawke is only an apprentice, he is not considered a proficient user in comparison to the Faunlyn, but may be considered very powerful by humans.

At age 15, he became a part of Faunlyn and took on his first lover. Since then, his own close family has grown, and lives a quiet, peaceful life where he is loved and protected unconditionally. His birth family visits as often as they can, and are just as loving as the Faunlyn themselves.
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